Safe Investments -
Are There Such Things?

Safe Investments - Are There Such Things? You want to be sure that the money you’ll invest grows at a reasonable rate and will not lose value over time.

Safe Investments

Here’s the thing though...All investments, depending on the type of asset, have certain risk-factors included. It all now depends with the individual investor to determine their risk tolerance in order to choose the type of investment asset he/she will be comfortable investing their money. In my opinion, the safe investments are the ones you are knowledgeable of, and also allow you to sleep soundly at night.

Let me explain...

What’s Your Risk Tolerance?

Determining first your risk tolerance will allow you to filter among the asset types that best describe the type of investor you are. Are you cool with the volatility, for example, of a stock option trade? If not, then option trading is “not an option.” You would probably lean towards other assets, which in your opinion, might be less risky investments like mutual funds or even bonds.

Research First Before Investing

All investments may be considered safe investments, as long as you know and understand more about the investment asset you wish to acquire. This is where your own research comes into play.

You should do your own due diligence before investing on something, because after all, it’s your own money that is at stake. And if it’s your hard-earned money, isn’t it just proper to research everything about such investment and not blindly take the investment advice of a broker or a co-worker?

What To Do Next?

Now that you know your risk tolerance, and based on that, you begin to research investment ideas which will be compatible to your personality. This whole process you’re doing is simply creating a set of investment criteria to help you filter out the myriad of investment ideas that come your way. If a certain investment does not meet even one of your set criteria, you move on to the next…or you simply wait for the right opportunity.

As you become more educated and experienced with your own investment strategy, the risk of losing money would’ve been greatly decreased, and all investment opportunities you engage in have a higher chance producing gains, thus making these, safe investments.

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