Credit Card Debt Relief Programs: Don’t Fall For Those Scams!

Credit card debt relief programs have been ubiquitous over the past years as more and more people are trying to find ways to get out of their credit card debt.

Credit Card Debt Relief Programs

Being in debt is no pretty thing. It's almost as if you're Sisyphus pushing a boulder up an impossible hill, especially if your credit card debt is building upon itself not just incrementally, but exponentially, thanks to interest rates.

It would then be great if there were an instant solution to a thousand-dollar problem, right? But sadly, there isn’t. Every major debt that may take $5,000, $10,000, even $50,000 to repay, needs to be treated as a major project and “attacked” similarly.

Did you ever hear of Dave Ramsey? If you have (and are possibly a fan of him), then you must have heard of his feature, “We Did It,” stories of people who have been able to get out of credit card debt, and happily so. Some of these debt overcomers actually got burned by unscrupulous credit card debt relief programs.

Did you get to note how much time it took them to repay their debt? Okay, let us give you a clue. Months. Years. Half a decade. Yes, it takes time, and a lot of hard work and some sacrifice. But with persistence and a steady, consistent pace, they were truly able to surmount the trials their debt had given them.

On a similar note, shortcuts, then, are not recommended when you’re on a mission to get out of credit card debt. Because if you try to grab a “get out of ‘jail’ (credit card debt) free card” for free via a credit card debt relief program, you may well just dig yourself a deeper hole. Why? Here are some reasons:

  • Many companies nowadays promising to “get you out of debt” are nothing but con artists who, simplistic as it may sound, simply give debt-burdened people a big fat lie that they’re going to help them lower their debts, lower their credit cards’ interest rates, for one payment, monthly. In all truth, these scammers just run away with people’s money. Do the payments really go to the debts? For a vast majority of the scams, no. It was just a lie: believe the premise of debt settlement and interest rate negotiation, and they run away with your money.

  • Start with credit counseling first. If your debt is actually manageable, you may be able to walk away from the counseling with just a plan and a strategy how to get out of credit card debt. Only 19% of debt-laden people actually needed debt relief services. And no one sure needs “help” from a credit card debt relief scam - program! And if you’re getting professional help for your debt situation, better make sure the company you’re working with is registered under the Better Business Bureau.

So remember: If you feel like you really need to have help sorting out your debts and finances, sit down first with a credit counselor. Then, follow and execute the plan properly. Don’t fall for scams, false promises and flat-out lies: steer clear of dubious credit card debt relief programs. With persistence, consistency, and steady grit in working to free yourself, you will be able to get out of credit card debt in no time.

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